As a lifelong Chicagoan I grew up in the South Shore and Hyde Park neighborhoods on the South Side before moving to Oak Park just before high school. As a child I watched as my Grandmother Miriam broke barriers when she was elected as a judge at a time when women practicing law was rare and strong women being elected to office was groundbreaking. As a role model she taught me to stand up for what was right and the importance of helping those whose voices weren’t being heard find equal justice in the world. From an early age I knew I wanted to follow in her very large footsteps.

I received my BA from Indiana University in Bloomington before enrolling in The John Marshall Law School back home in Chicago. I clerked under Dick Devine at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in the narcotics forfeiture division keeping drug money off the streets before going out on my own and opening a law practice. My firm represents clients from Hegewisch to Rogers Park and from all walks of life. For nearly fifteen years I’ve been practicing law on both the state and federal level in courts across Cook and the collar counties. I’ve advocated for hundreds of under served and working-class families and provided countless hours of pro bono service to those who couldn’t afford quality legal representation.  

In the Lincoln Park community where I’ve lived for the past decade, I’ve been committed to improving public safety. When I was elected to the Lincoln Park High School LSC, I chaired the neighborhood safety committee, and along with bringing in a terrific new principal I increased the number of security guards monitoring the campus.

Over my many years in the courtroom I’ve encountered all types of judges. Like my grandmother, there are some who actively engage in the betterment of our justice system by treating people and the law with respect and by showing compassion while adjudicating fairly and firmly. This is the kind of judge I intend to be.

You’re going to have many choices for judge on the ballot, some with more years in practice and some with much deeper pockets. But if you want to elect a judge who will use the office to improve the judiciary and ensure equal access to justice for all the citizens of Cook County I would be honored to be your choice for Judge of the Circuit Court in the 8th Sub-circuit. I believe I share the values of our district and will be a fair and unbiased voice on the bench at a time when equal justice for all has lost much of its meaning.

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